Breast tomosynthesis state-of-the-art and review of the literature

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Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT): initial experience in a clinical setting

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Dense Breast Tissue: Supplemental Imaging

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State of the Art Literature Review: All You Need to Know

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The ACS convened an expert panel to review the existing early detection guideline for women at increased risk and for MRI screening based on evidence that has accumulated since the last revision in to A total of women underwent 2D digital mammography including supplementary cone-down and magnification views and breast ultrasonography if indicated, as well as digital breast tomosynthesis.

The indication for conventional imaging in the clinical setting included a palpable lump in 30 (23%), abnormal mammographic screening findings in. In this retrospective reading study, we demonstrated a clear improvement in diagnostic accuracy of two-dimensional (2D) mammography with the use of 2D or synthetic 2D mammography plus digital breast tomosynthesis compared with 2D mammography alone, with a significant reduction (56%) in odds of receiving false-positive results.

Baker JA & Lo JY. Breast Tomosynthesis: State-of-the-Art and Review of the Literature. Acad Radiol – It is a promising technology which may be able to improve diagnostic accuracy in the early detection of breast cancer. State of the Art Literature Review. Have you been asked to create a state of the art literature review?

If so, you might be a little confused. This is a somewhat unusual type that’s different from even regular literature reviews, so even if you’ve done one before you might not be sure how to go about it.5/5.

Session 1 will take the attendee through the histopathologic basis for benign and malignant breast disease with imaging correlates. Conventional topics with simplified and novel strategies are represented to both review and advance the practice of mammography and ultrasound.

Breast tomosynthesis state-of-the-art and review of the literature
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