Cellphone addiction literature

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Problematic Use of the Mobile Phone: A Literature Review and a Pathways Model

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The available literature on risk factors for dysfunctional mobile phone use is then reviewed, and a pathways model that integrates the existing literature is proposed. Oct 24,  · Keywords: addiction, behavioral addiction, cell-phone addiction, dependence, internet addiction Introduction Since the appearance of the cell phone, the anomalous use of this device has called into question whether the abuse of its use could lead to addiction.

Cell-Phone Addiction: A Review

addiction (e.g., drug, the Internet) and that mobile phone addiction has become one of the most prevalent non-drug addictions (“Mobile phones becoming,” ) [33]. REVIEW OF LITERATURE. Introduction: Review of the related literature is one of the first steps in research process.

Cell-Phone Addiction: A Review

It reasons for choosing a cell phone and level of satisfaction of services. The study concludes that the overall consumers’ attitude towards cell phone services is that they.

Problematic use of the mobile phone is considered as an inability to regulate one’s use of the mobile phone, which eventually involves negative consequences in daily life (e.g., financial problems).

The current article describes what can be considered dysfunctional use of the mobile phone and emphasizes its multifactorial nature.

The behavioral predictors that influenced the amount of cell phone usage were: being extraverted, possessing low self-esteem, and being young. These characteristics were fundamental in determining problematic cell phone use.

The study showed that these behavioral predictors did not influence the amount of cell phone usage: gender, and neuroticism.

Signs and Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction Cellphone addiction literature
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