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Learning Styles Paper PSYC The VARK is a questionnaire that, when completed, will allow a person to view how they learn best, based on the answers they provided. This ‘Learning styles’ infographic and Howard Gardners theories on multiple intelligence aren’t based on any type of (decent) scientific research.

The first part of this paper discusses the learning theory behind discovery learning and scaffolding and advocates for using this lens to address student problems with APA style.

The second half of this paper provides practical exercises, grounded in sound pedagogy, that instructors can use in the classroom. He found that, though studies “do not really engage” with evidence showing that learning styles is a myth, 94% of current research papers start with a positive view of learning styles.

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paper, the researchers discuss the definition of learning styles, general learning styles, previous researches about visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learning styles.

- Individual Learning Styles The purpose of this research paper is to examine learning styles theories to determine if teaching students to use their own particular learning style can help ail them in increased educational success.

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