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Global Journal of Politics and Law Research (GJPLR)

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Pharmacy Journals

Priory Medical Journals were founded in and are the world's first web based medical journals. The first of our journals was Psychiatry On-Line, our second Medicine Online in early January Each medical journal is available free to all medical and nursing staff.

Communications in Mathematical Analysis. UGC Approved Journals List - Agriculture and Biotechnology. World Congress on Advanced Pharmacy and Clinical Research, global meetings, events, conferences, Symposiums, Workshops will be held during Marchat Hongkong with the theme Exploring the Research Challenges & Advancements in Pharmacy and Clinical Research.

Meet experts in Pharmacy and Clinical research from USA, UAE, Europe, Asia. Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy discusses the latest research innovations and important developments in this field.

STM Journals is a bouquet of journals is an ambitious initiative of the Consortium e-Learning Network Private Ltd.

“CELNET”, INDIA. It has the large collection of science journals, technology journals and medical journals. Purchase and Subscribe Indian journals in science, Engineering Journals, National Journals, Indian Journals, Law Journals, Mamagement Journals and medical journals.

INDIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACY PRACTICE (IJOPP) The Official Journal of Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI) (Registered under Registration of Societies Act XXI of No.

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ofLucknow) [ISSN ] Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice is an official peer-reviewed journal, published quarterly by APTI which will be useful to all the pharmacy professionals .

Pharmacy research journals
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